Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Randomness

My brain hurts. Everyone in our office can’t concentrate and there is an awkward old lady smell that’s seeping through the cracks giving me a head ache, Toni a stomach ache, and Darla’s nose run. Weird.

I think I miss my friends…. Actually I know I do. Abby and I live in the same town but work different schedules and I miss her. I just need 20 mins to get a coke and listen to happy music and I will be set! I tried to hangout with my friend Jade this week but we kept having stuff come up. I know it sounds dumb but taking care of the dog is hard, between my Apt’s and His vet apt’s and work I’m just completely exhausted! I have Greg here who’s been our hero for taking care of Spencer when I’m at work. Reading this sounds crazy, but He’s been the best” fur baby sitter!”

I didn’t get on more than mascara today but hay I tried. I also wore earrings…. Whooooo
update- the mascara has been cried off....

My blood pressure and I aren’t getting along here lately. I feel myself blowing up like a balloon and need to regain control of it. I’m tired of talking about weight blood pressure and my body though. So maybe I’ll just stop. Maybe Not.

My Co-workers are talking about moving to Maine, Missouri ext…. Im sitting at my desk thinking “wow I moved to Australia”. Was that a dream? Maybe just a dream come true. Its becoming easier to not wish I was anywhere but Austin but its still there. But as my mom says “I won’t be happy anywhere” and she might be right… yay blanket of depression. You know the cymbalta commercial when the robe follows her and ways her down … that’s how I feel most days.

Happy Friday all! Just felt like seeing if blogging helped :)

Thursday, January 26, 2012



My name is Sarah. I'm 25 years old and I don't wear makeup! GASP!

I wear it on dates, or special occasions- but let’s face it. Those rarely happen in my life. I've been blessed with good skin and freckles to cover up my flaws. Well recently due to my hormones I've had quite a few breakouts and I think I'm getting the family curse of Rosacea.

I'm no longer 16 when it was semi socially acceptable to have a "blemish" on my face. Now I'm an adult at work and it’s just not okay.

The last time I wore makeup was New Years! Abby ( a professional who luckily likes to help make me pretty) was helping me out but laughed when I said I didn't have anymore base, and my powder is apparently out dated because it has straight glitter! Glitter shined faces apparently went out a few years ago... no wonder Clinique discontinued that kind! When I do have makeup I use Clinique because of allergies, but I just don't think I can afford it right now!
Luckily for me my G-ma loves bonus times!

So I'm having a dilemma on if I should just suck it up and learn to get up 15 mins earlier and fix my hair and makeup, or just keep on being my sloppy self!

I'm thinking its time for change!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Be sure to Celebrate the many small things....

I have a card framed on my desk that says "Be sure to celebrate the many Small things....." I have it there because it makes me smile! Its signed by my friends from oz and the fact that it has a cupcake on it just makes it was better!

The other day in the midst of a tear fest at work I looked at the card was like FINE I’ll Celebrate the small things GOD. So in light of my card and trying to stay positive I figured I’d share some from this week!

Pandora played NSYNC’s “I want you back “ then “Friends in Low Places” back to back yesterday!

I nearly danced out of my desk chair!

I made a Paula Deen Peach Crumble that was Amazing. I was actually proud of myself!

I’ve cleaned at least something in the house everyday this week! NOW THAT IS SOMETHING TO CELEBRATE!!!

I wore a dress and my hair down to work today. I’ve gotten a compliment from almost everyone, including the boss man who was like “thank you for taking the time to dress up for me” I laughed and let him know it was the Laundry’s fault but that I would try harder! ( he knows I’ve been sick)

Some days they should just be lucky I showered! CELEBRATE!

I sang in the car loudly at the top of my lungs….. I haven’t done that in a while! I felt tons better and wished I could just go drive in the country… not traffic jammed highways. Maybe on Friday- Payday! Still that’s not being wise with my mullah!

I'm scared to say this outloud but I seem to be on the upswing of my recent stint on the depression rollarcoaster...everyday is different but its getting easier to get out of bed each day which may be the the thing I need to celebrate most! 
I realize that I may have just put you to sleep by reading this blog! Maybe someday soon I’ll have my whitty awesome blogs back if not I will keep inspiring naps!


Monday, January 9, 2012

Oh No I didn't- the Stache Story

Do you ever do something stupid then midway or after the fact realize that you can either commit to your sillyness or jump off a brige?

Hi I’m sarah and I have a mustache.
A big Nasty hairy one that grows super fast, just ask my dad! ( not man calibur but not pretty lasered off blonde style either)I usually keep it under control with way  over-priced Nair Products but lately I just can’t keep up due to my ovaries hating me. I was on my way to a friends house and  sitting in traffic when I saw it, ( don't you check the mirror in traffic?) It hadn't been that long but the stache was back and ready to repulse… so what did I do? What any normal fat girl with hormonal issues does. I whipped the niar out of my purse (yes in my purse, don't judge) and applied in the rear view mirror then continued down the road in traffic…. After about 5 mins I see that people are looking at me and then realize I was not in some limo style dark tinted windows sports car like I had imagined… I was in my Aveo, the egg car. No Wonder they were staring…. Fat girl+ little car+ face cream= Horror…

I couldn’t help but laugh at myself and my crazyness!

I figure my future husband won'tt be reading my blog, and if he’s marrying me he’ll know I have the hormones of an 18 year old boy but alas I decided maybe I should keep this to myself! I e-mailed my friend Samantha this story in which she insisted it was too funny not to blog despite my embarassment and horror!

Anyways Happy Monday- be thankful that you don't have a mustache...