Monday, September 14, 2015

I went to church yesterday...

I went to church yesterday.
A broken shell of someone who once resembled Sarah.

hadn't showered
Hair was a greasy mess
Basically in sweats.
But I went to church yesterday.
I sobbed through out the service
Didn't sit in my spot. 
I hugged people I felt safe with. 
I prayed 
I yelled at God
I cried
I smiled at little girls who's hearts I pray God protects.
I even somehow worshiped despite not being able to let out a more than a gasp and sob half of the time.

I went to church yesterday. 
Broken and embarrassed.
I'm Sarah. 
I've been in ministry
I went to bible college
I live with excellence 

I went to church yesterday. 
Broken. Hurting. Angry. Confused. 
Sick and in pain.
But I went. 
I got out of the car (thanks mom) and climbed in to the lap of The Father.