Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Once you go Big, you never go Twig!-

 A Plus Size reality show! HECK YEAH I'LL WATCH

SOOooooo I thought the show was great! Maybe a little too much for me at times but if I had the confidence they did maybe I'd do the crazy stuff too. Also maybe if I had their paychecks!

I think its great that these women are spreading the word about plus size fashion. I also liked the message about not sitting at home waiting for life to happen for them and getting off the couch. I'm sure I'll have more to say about this show in the coming months......

did you know when I was younger I would dream of being a plus size model? I even wrote to MTV's Made... Ive never admitted that to anyone :)


I'm disappointed with our society... That I can live in a place where its okay to call someone a Fat B&#$*

That is not something that anyone wants to hear early in the morning from a co-worker. You can call me "Church Girl" which was another team favorite but I just find Fat B$($^ too much to handle. Even if you its true you shouldn't say it.... I dont call you a Dumb  "derogatory Name" because I know better and its just plain WRONG.

I also hate disappointing my family... I was headed on the right track to not relying on them as much for everything and taking care of some bills ect... I was finally showing my aunt that I've grown up and this just sets me back... stupid jobs.

Its like I've hit a brick wall.....

I wrote this last week but couldn't seem to ever finish it without having a pity party or saying something inappropriate. After I was ask to leave/quit my new job because  "I didn't fit into a their team" they had a meeting about me while I was gone and in a since voted me off the Island.

Which in the long run was totally okay because I had a new job working in the warehouse for a Christian Company within a few hours. God is good all the time. Its temporary for now but hopefully I can get a permanent position.

SARAH! WHY didn't you blog about this sooner?
I didn't want to.
I was disappointed in my self and slighty aggravated with my job situations. Maybe I just regret not every getting a real degree.... everyone around me won't hush about college and yes I know I should have finished something but I'm dealing with the consequences and learning from my mistakes.

So my sincere apologies to anyone that has been praying for my job situation if I've left you hanging by not sharing everything thats going on at the moment. I really do appreciate your prayers but needed to deal with things before making public announcements.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Weight loss.... again?

I need to loose weight.
Not for anyone else but for me.
Because well I guess its just time.
Time to stop joking about it and actually make a difference.
 At my new job this week one of the size XS managers said " hey you look like you can lift this stuff" then proceeded to make me move some heavy junk around. I honestly didn't mind it because I am strong but its the way she looked at me. Its the way people laugh and make a face when I say I work at a doughnut shop and they laugh... FYI people Ive only eaten 2 doughnuts ( kolahces are a different story though ).
I grew up thinking that God made me just the way I am. That He had someone out there that would love me despite my height and weight.... I guess maybe I'm starting to second guess that.  I tease that I'm a tiny ballerina trapped in a big girls body but I could always do everything that the skinnier girls did... it wasn't until recently did I begin to notice just how much bigger I really am. Maybe because society is just dumb or the people I work with are just jerks... or the fact that everyone around me is getting married and I just feel like the funny fat friend out in left field. I let people get in my head... I let silly ideas like "oh I'm not a bridesmaid because I won't look good in the dresses"  get me way way down and it totally shouldn't.
Anyways I guess I'm putting this out in cyber space for some accountability, and hopfully so that yall can help me stay on track and be positive :)


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

We owned the Night

As you know I love Lady A! I first heard this song at their concert in Sydney and it touched something in me I guess... I instantly loved it and could relate it to many events and people in my life I guess.


I'm sure there will be many more blogs about their new album as it comes out!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Glee 3-D

I went to the movies alone last night. Its somewhat of a guilty pleasure for me... I enjoy it because I can laugh when I want to laugh, cry when I want to cry, eat or drink as much as I'd like ect, without feeling like I was bothering someone or them judging me. So last night after I realized I didn't have to be a work so so early and I small yet stupid argument with my mother I decided I was going to hang out with my best friends.

Thats right

The cast of Glee. I know you may be rolling your eyes or laughing right now but thats okay.
My name is sarah, I'm 24 years old and I like glee.

Lucky for me I had the theater all to myself which made it even better!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Praise the Lord I finally have a job!

I will be the newest employee at Shipley's doughnuts!

Doughuts you ask?

Didn't you go all the way to Australia to work in ministry?

YES I did... BUT I needed a job and feel this one will help get me on my feet!

Life in Austin is good. Just learning how to get back on my feet and not miss Australia! Making some friends and trying to find a good church!