Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I love the Fourth of July in Snyder!
I always said no matter where I'm at in life I will spend the fourth in Snyder! Same usually went for my family, I usually have people here. Last year it broke my heart that my mom wasn't here but my g-ma was!

This year no family! Sad day... oh well! I know that its going to be a wonderful holiday! My friends are going to be my family this year and I know that I'll be okay!

The Bachlorette is starting to aggravate me. Wes is a sleaze ball, but I'm a big fan of Ed and glad he's back!

God is still doing work in my life, I am learning how to completely Trust him and its great!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

God got me through the day......

Ever have those days when you feel like everything is directed at you?
Sunday was like that!
Sunday school the sermon was about Taking joy in out persecution, and those of you that know me know how much of a struggle that is for me...

James 1 2-5

2Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, 3because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. 4Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. 5If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him.

then we got to big church and I sang my heart out...I LOVE IT WHEN GOD JUST TAKES OVER!!!!

The pain went completely away while singing in Early church and stayed gone until the end of big church... the min I walked outside at 12:20 it all came back but I'm happy with Gods reward of relief when I sing.

On Monday I had a bad bad day with my headache and was really dreading being at work on Tuesday with people, noise and light! So we prayed, that I would have the strength to get out of bed.......
God pulled through big time! I know to some of you this is stupid but It helped me sooooo much!

Around 9 one of the women in my Sunday school class that hadn't been there on Sunday came in the store.. she said she needed Gorilla Glue but I know that God sent her to remind me that I'm loved...Around 10 Jim came in the store and was just the friendly face I needed by lunch time 3 more people had come in and just encouraged and love on me
right before I was going to leave an elderly lady from FUMC came and said how much she missed me singing with Jordan on sunday but she had heard that I did a "mighty fine" job at my own church...

God showed me that He is amazing and will always give me the boost when I really need it..

Running from God and Ninivah

Do you ever run away from God?
I do..

We started talking about jonah two weeks ago in church and to be honest I was not thrilled... I just knew God got mad and the whale ate him! Half way the sermon I got cocky and was like "what an idoit" Why would you blatenly disobey God? Then I felt God laughing at me. I don't know your oponion of God but my God laughs and jokes with me, he's funny! He was there whispering in a mocking tone in my ear "yeah Sarah who would not listen to me they have got to be crazy" "he said Just listen to the sermon Sarah
I did
Russell ask the Question
(God told jonah to go and he said no and went the complete oppisite direction)

What does God tell you to do that you say........
its to hard
I'm scared
You really think I should be there God
Its newIts out of my comfort zone
You get the point

This really hit home for me.. I had a few ninivahs but my main one was music. God has been saying sing for years not and I just don't listen.. I dont think that I'm good enough and lately when I do sing it helps to have jordan with me but God has said Sarah you gotta sing without him and I usually say no...
By the end of the sermon last sunday I was in total AWE of GOD he had taught me so much in that hour... then he put me to the test. Jim came and ask me to be on Praise Team for the next week.... I almost said no, satan was right there whispering your not good enough.. but with a push from my good pal Sam I went for it and I'm so glad I did!God taught me that
I realized that I don't have to have Jordan with me, its nice to sing with him but I'll be okay without, That just because my church is used to great music doesn't mean they are Numb, and that sometimes God uses people to touch lives without you having a clue!

so what is your Ninivah?

What is God telling you to do that you are scared of?

Go listen to the sermon I'm talking about here!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

be careful what you pray for

Do you ever pray for something and then when God answers question it?
Its happened a lot lately!

Update on migraines! Stress. I obviously need to make some changes in my life and how I handle stress because its literally causing me physical harm. I never knew that just stress could cause so much pain!

Casey are Jordan are gone this week... I miss my friends :(

short and sweet because the computer screen hurts my head... figures.

Monday, June 1, 2009

This book will change your life?!?!?!?!

So a while back Casey told me to read this book and that it would change my life...

I liked my life at the moment and didn't read it, with that being said I read it today and it changed my life!!!

Favorite Quote
"God comforts the disturbed and disturbs the comfortable!