Saturday, July 31, 2010

Update time!

hey y'all!

so  this week has been crazy but I'll try to give you the main points. I'm having trouble explaining to people how much God is doing so bare with me in this crazy post!

First of all I've been sick. I have a nasty cold but can't get rid of it because I'm low on iron. As some of you know I've had some anemia problems in the past and now its worse. I've lost a lot of blood, due to abnormal bleeding and a ruptured cyst ( or more) on my ovaries. Praise the Lord for Australian Overseas health cover! after a few dr's apartments, annoyance, and pain hopefully we have fixed the situation! I'm on prescription iron and other things until next week and if it hasn't drastically gotten better then we have to go so some other options- PRAY PRAY PRAY I get some blood!

So intensives this week have been amazing! We have talked about
Christian Culture, about a zillion hrs on team work, wonderful lectures about Worship and why we do it. Liturgy ( look up that word)! God has totally blown my mind beyond belief! I e-mailed someone and they said it sounds like God is knocking my socks off! YES HE IS!

Its so amazing to be in this atmosphere supprounded by people and tools to help you get to know your savior on a more intimate level. I'm so excited about all of the opportunities I get to SERVE in!
So here at college you have to church life services to serve in, one fieldwork during the week and one service to attend! I have Sunday Morning Choir, then Cubby House kids (0-3)  and my field work is University Ministry! YAY I don't know my exact schedule yet but I so have to be at choir practice at 6:30 AM this week! oh well  I'm so excited!

Money Money Money, I'm so tired of talking about money. I don't have much but I know that God didn't bring me all the way here to leave me hangin!  Please keep job and opportunities in your prayers. Many of the kids here are in the same situation so HE is teaching us all how to lean on HIM

STEAK! I love steak and the DR ordered me to eat it! Pretty sure my vegatarian friends are tired of me talking about medium rare beef! We even made a video about it which I'll post later! Anyhoo I went to a place called sizzler today! Its basically Golden Corral! We ate enough to last us for the next week I think but it was SOOOOOOOOOOOO worth it.

People here love my accent probally as much as I love theirs! We never run out of laughs when you put a thug, a country bumpkin, and some Aussies in the same room!

I know that there is so much more I should be telling y'all but my brain hurts and I just can't think of it. My facebook has tons of pictures so check it out!


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Everyone is sick!

This weekend has been great but we are all passing around this Cold! I pray for the kids who have their auditions tomorrow ( Jess, Jared, Charlie?, Josie) I guess mine just held off until after! Its just a head cold or Wog! ( I learned that from my Australian Slang dictionary)

Prayers for heath would be great! Not just me, everyone! Health and Finances!

My body is still adjusting which I know will take some time! Yall know when I get sick I want my mommy! so I skyped her this afternoon which helped a ton! I also cried when I saw savahna on skype today too... ahhh emotions. I've been doing really well though as far as emotions go! Much better than I thought. Maybe its because I have great friends. I haven't Quite gotten close enough to anyone to be like, I'm homesick, or I need a hug, but I'm getting there!

Last night I went to church alone and ended up totally blessed and sitting with one of the Pastors Wife with a Wonderful message that sounded like it was tailor made for me. It was about God taking you into the unknown and how its really the known to God so don't stress about it! DING DING DING!
This mornings service was wonderful! I enjoy it so much! I miss my pew and praise team a bit but I'm slowly developing a family here! I signed up for a connect group so that will be fun when I get plugged into one!

God blows my mind and expectations daily! I know I haven't written a deep blog yet but there is soooooooooooooooooooooooo much going on in my head I don't know how to get it out! I tried a bit of songwriting with some peeps the other night and it was great fun! God is really showing me not to put limitations on myself! Most of you know my weakness is my self confidence and daily he shows me that I should be confident in HIM! He has me here for a reason! I don't know what it is yet besides learn but thats okay! A few people have their vision and plan from God for their lives and thats wonderful! Though for me I don't know!

Job- I need a job! so does everyone else I know! Gods teaching us all some Faith in that area I think! He will Provide means for all of us, though it will most likely different for each one!

Migraine- I got slammed with one tonight about 2 songs into the service. Poor Jess and Liz I practically ran out of the service, but it was the WORST pain i've felt in awhile Ive been extremely conscious with my migraine triggers and such so thats good!! I think my body is just saying take a break NOW. I haven't been feeling 100% well since I got here really but have just been pushing through! now with a Cold and school starting maybe I just need to stay in bed tomorrow! I did most of the day today though. Pray that this is the Last one for a good long while!

Now I'm off to the warmth of my bed! Good night/ Good morning!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

I'm a little people sick and worried about my thing so I decided to blog so bare with me of you are reading this.

Today at orientation we talked a little abou culture shock and the different fazes of it!
The honeymoon- everyone and everything in Australia is awesome
What am I doing here? - everything is horrible
Acceptance- things arnt perfect but not so bad I can deal with it!

Currently I'm experiencing all three! The church and the people are awesome, the food is horrible, and I can deal with the rest!
My poor friends!!! I could kill for an enchilada! They don't know Snyder Sarah the one with 9 stomaches, the fajita eating garbage disposal! Sydney Sarah is a tad bit healthier! I've lost about 15 lbs now hard to believe but it majority shows in my face and clothes! I AM EATING I've had some people worry about my food consumsion! It's just expensive to eat giant meals like home!

God has flipped my life upside down! He is showing me the woman I'm becoming and who I want to be. Never in my wildest dreams would I be considering some of the things I'm thinking about now- like just committing to stay 3 years- thinking was the key word in that satement! I just want to glorify Him in everything I do! My voice is becoming better everyday and I'm being tugged at about learning an instrument! I'm so far out of my comfy Snyder I don't know how to explain it to you what He is doing in my life!

Boys- it's so nice not to have to think about dating or relationships for a whole year! At the same time I feel so old and I'll be 24 but whatever God may not want married for awhile! It's so nice to have Zero pressure! Not saying that price charming isn't here I just don't know yet! They told us today surly you can commit one whole year to focus on the Lord! This is bible college not bridal college!

Church life- I think I want to help with jr high! What am I thinking? I feel like that age of girls need attention and love! God is leaving some room for me to make some decisions on my own so I hope they are the right ones ! I don't want to serve somewhere for the glory of it! I want the light of the Lord to shine through me so he gets the glory! So wherever I end up it will be great!

Friends- I have some! Yay lol
My friends are great here! I'm ready for things to get going I miss sitting down and having deep conversations! Ive had a few I just want to know people more!

Things I miss!
Hugs- not comfy with anyone yet to ask for a hug, I didn't realized that I missed them!

Mexican food- I decided I'm going to stop complaining and make some for myself

Being able to talk on the phone- a 15 hour difference is annoying!

COUNTRY MUSIC- nuff said

How to be friends with girls y'all know I'm one of the guys

Love you all!
Hey everyone!
So it's about 10 pm here I'm sitting in the park stealing Internet lol.

So here are some random facts

Look right when you cross the road here!

Dr pepper is expensive

God is good all the time

I walk everywhere,

I've now lost 15lbs- yay but I know my body will calm down

God has put some mega awesome peeps in my life!

Jealousy is the same no matter where you are from

I miss steak

I would kill for some sweet tea- don't say make some because it taste different - yes I've tried!

I've only cried twice-

The fact that they don't ALLOW you to date makes the wife and husband hunting worse I think!

I'm one of the only people here who can't play an instrument- but that's okay

We audition on Friday

I'm still one of the guys- though I got told I cleanup nice

Dr pepper is 3$ a can and I'd rather eat so they won't be as close as a friend as they have been!

I can't pronounce one of my friends names, actually I can't pronounce slot of things

I miss hugs, like I just need a bear hug

I think you should get the new hillsong album beautiful exchange

I'm really typing of this so I can clear my head!

God is growing me and shaping me in new ways each day. It's hard for me to explain to everyone at home what kind of journey I'm on!

Love and miss you all but I know that this is my home for awhile!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sydney- Part One!

First off I feel so at home in Australia! I love Sydney! I never thought people could be nicer than Texans but they are here, unless you are a customer service person but more to come on that later! Walking around town today many people asked me if I needed help finding my way! Maybe its because I had a camera around my neck and a deer in a headlights look.
My flights
I got to Dallas safely and didn’t have to send to much stuff home with mom because of weight!  I settled in and cried a bit then decided to go get some food! While in line a little boy threw up all over the back of me.  There was a language barrier but I could tell they were extremely sorry! Luckily I had stuff in my carryon to change into!
The flight from DFW to LA was rough. I had to sit in the middle and the folks around me were rude. My carry on was to big so I had to take half the junk out of it, then the flight attendant took my backpack before I could get my ipod out of it… oh well! Did I mention that the caption said flight attendants sit down immediately a few times during turbulence it was CRAZY
I then get to LA and have to go through security again which was fine! I got to the gate and they inform me that I had been upgraded to  PRIEMUM ECONOMY! This means My seat reclines, and I have a foot rest,  and FULL MEALS!!!
So I get on the plane after everyone else and then see that Im seated in an EXIT ROW with my own TV. I giggled like a small child for awhile! It was great! The only thing bad about that flight was that there were 30 jr high kids scattered throughout the plane and their teacher was seated in my row. The plus of that was 6 hours into my flight I couldn’t find my dramamen or Advil PM. The teacher was kind enough to drug me so I can sleep! The food was AWESOME TOO
I arrived in Sydney excited to get started. MY name was called over the loud speaker on the plane and so I got up there and they tell me I have a message- Terror washed through my mind, I thought someone had died or something. Anyways it was that My luggage had been lost. Apparently it hadn’t made it to LA. Then I realize why I had been upgrated. The needed to butter me up before informing me all Three Bags were gone!
They were Delivered about 9 Tuesday night!
I live at
 291/8 Lachlan St
Waterloo, NSW 2017 Australia
 When I arrived on  the 5th floor of my high rise apartment the door wouldn’t budge, after jiggling it for a bit the door opened and I met my two flat mates Jenny and Aria. They hadn’t been told that they were receiving new roommates! Sooooooooooo    things in my apartment were akward and tense.  They still haven’t gotten everything out of our room because people have been in and out! My first night there were 7 people in here. Tonight I think it will be all 4 of us perminatly!
So Jenny is from Illinois, Arija is from Norway, and Josie is from Germany.
She is my ROOMMATE! Josie is the sweetest person I’ve met, she has some English problems but we are learning how to communicate!

I love and miss all of you!