Saturday, July 24, 2010

I'm a little people sick and worried about my thing so I decided to blog so bare with me of you are reading this.

Today at orientation we talked a little abou culture shock and the different fazes of it!
The honeymoon- everyone and everything in Australia is awesome
What am I doing here? - everything is horrible
Acceptance- things arnt perfect but not so bad I can deal with it!

Currently I'm experiencing all three! The church and the people are awesome, the food is horrible, and I can deal with the rest!
My poor friends!!! I could kill for an enchilada! They don't know Snyder Sarah the one with 9 stomaches, the fajita eating garbage disposal! Sydney Sarah is a tad bit healthier! I've lost about 15 lbs now hard to believe but it majority shows in my face and clothes! I AM EATING I've had some people worry about my food consumsion! It's just expensive to eat giant meals like home!

God has flipped my life upside down! He is showing me the woman I'm becoming and who I want to be. Never in my wildest dreams would I be considering some of the things I'm thinking about now- like just committing to stay 3 years- thinking was the key word in that satement! I just want to glorify Him in everything I do! My voice is becoming better everyday and I'm being tugged at about learning an instrument! I'm so far out of my comfy Snyder I don't know how to explain it to you what He is doing in my life!

Boys- it's so nice not to have to think about dating or relationships for a whole year! At the same time I feel so old and I'll be 24 but whatever God may not want married for awhile! It's so nice to have Zero pressure! Not saying that price charming isn't here I just don't know yet! They told us today surly you can commit one whole year to focus on the Lord! This is bible college not bridal college!

Church life- I think I want to help with jr high! What am I thinking? I feel like that age of girls need attention and love! God is leaving some room for me to make some decisions on my own so I hope they are the right ones ! I don't want to serve somewhere for the glory of it! I want the light of the Lord to shine through me so he gets the glory! So wherever I end up it will be great!

Friends- I have some! Yay lol
My friends are great here! I'm ready for things to get going I miss sitting down and having deep conversations! Ive had a few I just want to know people more!

Things I miss!
Hugs- not comfy with anyone yet to ask for a hug, I didn't realized that I missed them!

Mexican food- I decided I'm going to stop complaining and make some for myself

Being able to talk on the phone- a 15 hour difference is annoying!

COUNTRY MUSIC- nuff said

How to be friends with girls y'all know I'm one of the guys

Love you all!

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