Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sydney- Part One!

First off I feel so at home in Australia! I love Sydney! I never thought people could be nicer than Texans but they are here, unless you are a customer service person but more to come on that later! Walking around town today many people asked me if I needed help finding my way! Maybe its because I had a camera around my neck and a deer in a headlights look.
My flights
I got to Dallas safely and didn’t have to send to much stuff home with mom because of weight!  I settled in and cried a bit then decided to go get some food! While in line a little boy threw up all over the back of me.  There was a language barrier but I could tell they were extremely sorry! Luckily I had stuff in my carryon to change into!
The flight from DFW to LA was rough. I had to sit in the middle and the folks around me were rude. My carry on was to big so I had to take half the junk out of it, then the flight attendant took my backpack before I could get my ipod out of it… oh well! Did I mention that the caption said flight attendants sit down immediately a few times during turbulence it was CRAZY
I then get to LA and have to go through security again which was fine! I got to the gate and they inform me that I had been upgraded to  PRIEMUM ECONOMY! This means My seat reclines, and I have a foot rest,  and FULL MEALS!!!
So I get on the plane after everyone else and then see that Im seated in an EXIT ROW with my own TV. I giggled like a small child for awhile! It was great! The only thing bad about that flight was that there were 30 jr high kids scattered throughout the plane and their teacher was seated in my row. The plus of that was 6 hours into my flight I couldn’t find my dramamen or Advil PM. The teacher was kind enough to drug me so I can sleep! The food was AWESOME TOO
I arrived in Sydney excited to get started. MY name was called over the loud speaker on the plane and so I got up there and they tell me I have a message- Terror washed through my mind, I thought someone had died or something. Anyways it was that My luggage had been lost. Apparently it hadn’t made it to LA. Then I realize why I had been upgrated. The needed to butter me up before informing me all Three Bags were gone!
They were Delivered about 9 Tuesday night!
I live at
 291/8 Lachlan St
Waterloo, NSW 2017 Australia
 When I arrived on  the 5th floor of my high rise apartment the door wouldn’t budge, after jiggling it for a bit the door opened and I met my two flat mates Jenny and Aria. They hadn’t been told that they were receiving new roommates! Sooooooooooo    things in my apartment were akward and tense.  They still haven’t gotten everything out of our room because people have been in and out! My first night there were 7 people in here. Tonight I think it will be all 4 of us perminatly!
So Jenny is from Illinois, Arija is from Norway, and Josie is from Germany.
She is my ROOMMATE! Josie is the sweetest person I’ve met, she has some English problems but we are learning how to communicate!

I love and miss all of you!

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  1. Wow! This sounds like the start of a very bumpy adventure with a wonderful will love being there and "there" will love you....nice to meet you at Courtney's luncheon!