Wednesday, September 9, 2009

takhamasak, and just not that into you!

Not much going on besides me running around with like a chicken with my head cut off lately! I'm so glad God has me where I am but boy am I busy!

in 180 groups we started a series called "Just not that into you" I'm enjoying it... It talks about how we all sometimes just don't feel like being "christian" or just arnt into God at the moment... more to come on that as the series progresses!

TAKHAMASAK started last night... I'm anxious to see how God moves out there at WTC! someone ask me why I decided to add something else to my plate... simple answer...
It is where I choose to serve!

I'm not paid to be out there , set up, tear down, fellowship and lead worship. I'm there because I want to be! I have a passion for the Youth and College Crowd so why not be there....
let me worry about how busy I am!

I have a new favorite song... I would really love to sing it one day ( if someone I know would learn the guitar chords and be the super worship leader I know he can be)

The Power of Your Name by Lincoln BrewsterI will live
To carry your compassion
to love a world thats broken
to be your hands and feet
I will give
With the life that I've been given
to go beyond religion
to see the world be changed
by the power of YOUR name

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Stuff Christians Like--- Giving the Gift of going Second

I read this blog everyday! It's my daily source of Laughter and thought all at the same time! so I decided to share this with you! After reading this I tried hard to go first at most things and it sometimes worked... I just like the point he made!

#502. Confessing "Safe Sins"
Have you ever been in a small group with people that confess safe sins? Someone will say, “I need to be honest with everyone tonight. I need to have full disclosure and submit myself in honesty. Like ODB from the Wu-Tang Clan, I need to give it to you raw!”
So you brace yourself for this crazy moment of authenticity and the person takes a deep breath and says … “I haven’t been reading my Bible enough.”Ugh, you, dirty, dirty sinner. I’m not even sure I can be in a small group with you any more. Not reading your Bible enough, that is disgusting.
And then once he’s gone someone else will catch the safe sin bug too and will say, “I need to be real too. I haven’t been praying enough.”Two of you in the same room? Wow, freak shows! I can barely stand it.
But what happens when people start confessing safe sins is that everyone else in the room starts concealing their real junk. I mean if I was surrounded by confessions like that in the eighth grade I would have instantly known I couldn’t follow the “not reading my Bible enough” guy with my own story:“Soooo, this weekend when it was snowing I told my parents I was going to the dump to sled but instead I was really just digging through a 200 foot mountain of warm trash looking for pornography.” And the same principle would have applied to me in my late 20s. I wouldn’t have been honest sharing my struggles with Internet porn if everyone else confessed their “safe enough for small group” sins.And that sucks.
It sucks that as broken as we all are, as desperate as we all are for a Savior, we feel compelled to clean ourselves up when we get around each other.But this blog has taught me something unbelievable. If I stop writing tomorrow, this will be the lesson I cling to the most.

When you go first, you give everyone in your church or your community or your small group or your blog, the gift of going second.It’s so much harder to be first. No one knows what’s off limits yet and you’re setting the boundaries with your words. You’re throwing yourself on the honesty grenade and taking whatever fall out that comes with it. Going second is so much easier. And the ease only grows exponentially as people continue to share. But it has to be started somewhere. Someone has to go first and I think it has to be us.We’re called to give the gift of second to the people in our lives. To live the truth, to share the truth, to be the truth.Let’s give the gift of going second.