Monday, April 30, 2012

Weight is so Werid

Weight is a funny thing.
I weight 1 lb less NOW than what I did in this picture.
( yes I got on the scale and was down but still don't like the scale)

Before Grad Ball Nov 210

I don't look at all like this right now though, its still an encouragement that I might one day look like this again. I tried on the dress and it fit great but I still didn't look like this, maybe its the hair, or happiness level..... who knows
When I gained my Australia weight back I guess it came back in different places. I was so sick that weight just fell off of me. Then came flying back on.
I'm starting to see my face change and can pull off pants without unbuttoning them, which I shouldn't brag about but still. Someone told me I looked comfy today,  and I'm in one of my nicer outfits. I guess my clothes are fitting differently too.
In other news......
I'm mentally exhausted from this weekend and just needed a pick me up. I listened to a sermon from my home church in snyder that just boosted me right up! check out Dave's Run the Race sermon online if you get a chance! Well worth it.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Inches LOST

I cried myself to sleep last night because all I wanted was a cheeseburger. I settled for some broccoli.

Woke up this morning and did my Friday morning Measurements. I figure I can do them every Friday so if I gain, I can’t be too depressed because it’s Friday! I was running late so I figured I’d wait until I got to work to plug them into my spreadsheet. Much to my surprise it said I’ve lost

8.5 in.   On top of my 6.5 last

I can not sit still and just want to run around the dealership screaming "I've lost some inches" like a crazy person.
Neck-.5 - (most excited about this one lets be real. my chins need to go)


Some of you must be like WOW that’s so much in such a short period of time ect… I’ve got a TON of inches to loose. Plus some are from random not so noticable spots. I can see my face changin. I can tell some of my clothing is fitting better but I have a long long ways to go! I will hit a plateau soon and this will be a battle!

 For now I'm going to rejoice and when the day comes that I stop loosing I will just work harder!

Its funny because its true!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I, Sarah Victoria Carpenter, will run a 5k!!

I, Sarah Victoria Carpenter, will run a 5k  in 6 months.

In 2009 my friend Savahna ran her first 5k and I was inspired. After watching so many people from my church and hometown run, I decided maybe I could to. I've tried the couch to 5k app a few times since but I'm not a runner. Never have been, even when I was a tiny ballerina, I hated running.

Recently a friend of mine decided to focus on his health and made a decision for life change. He inspired me to get off the couch and lace up my running shoes. I had to make a change. I began praying about what I would run or how I would change my life for the better. Gods strength is the only reason I can wake up and put on my shoes in the mornings, evenings, or afternoons, some days I do all three. I've always said that when it was time to drop some weight hat God would help me. Well folks, It's time!

 I'm about a month in and can only run for about a one minuet, but I'm proud that I can even run that.
I've prayed and thought about what 5k's I want to run. 
 If your around these areas during these dates, I'd love to have your support!
 Want to run with me? That would be even greater!
This is going to be a long road but one I'm so excited to do.
 I can't even imagine what it will feel like to cross the finish line!

 2012 5k's(you can find the links to these on the 5k page)

 Houston's Run For Recovery- tentative!

White Buffalo Days 5k in Snyder
Turkey Trot in Austin

Run for your lives ZOMBIE 5k- Austin

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sarah's new offce rules!

Sarah’s NEW office rules

• You do not eat McDonalds at my desk, I don’t care if I’m not here I can still smell it… this causes extreme problems since I can’t say no to fries!

• Please don’t mention chips and queso between the hours of 10-2!

• If you drink Dr. Pepper please don’t leave the can on my desk, even if it’s empty, it’s still a cruel joke.

• If I’m crying all food rules are off. I’ll take chocolate or fried chicken but no Dr. Pepper or Tea.

• If you see me drinking something besides water, knock it out of my hand, accidently spill it, or something of that matter!

• If you need a favor I can be bribed with low calorie snacks

• I need at least 20 mins notice if you are getting fried chicken or pizza. That’s enough time for me to clear out. But please don’t eat it at my desk, crumbs have calories too!

Thanks for helping my work environment a better place

Monday, April 23, 2012

Random Ramblings

I didn't run this morning. I laid in bed thought about how much I wanted to but also how crabby I am with zero sleep. I also couldn't believe how sore I am from just working in the yard yesterday.

That's alright though, I just walked 3 miles and my legs are killing me. I feel so far away from a 5k. It seems like an unattainable goal right now. Oh well, one day at a time.

I've been thinking about changing my blog up and making the title more relevant to my weight loss journey but eh.. .we shall see. I can't think of a name though :( Any suggestions?

I wish that Qantas wasn't so restricted. They have every friday in may and june blacked out. I just wanted to go see my dad. I should have read the fine print before I decided to go with their rewards program  for my Australian  adventure. Silly me. Oh well! I'll save up and get there sometime!

Absence makes the heart grow fonder!

A co-worker keeps saying "someone has their cranky pants on."  Well Yes I do, its because I'm hungry and I want a stinking Dr. Pepper. Too bad I cant put a disclaimer on my desk. Caution  FEED the animal! ( healthy low calorie snacks)

I really don't know how to snap out of this bad mood.
 I'm just exhausted and sore.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mental Health/Cheat day

Yesterday when I woke up I figured I'd do some extra walkage this way I wouldn't have to be "that girl" at lunch & dinner. You know the one who is like" I know our favorite place is rounders pizza but I just want a salad". I want to punch people like that in the face. I will soon need to come to terms with being "that girl" but until then I'll just do some extra laps :) I also knew that a good old fashioned slumber party wouldn't come with out some calorie intake. SO would I give up some fun with friends to eat rabbit food? Of course not, My mental state is was more important than my psychical one at this point in my journey :)

After looking for houses with my aunt, I met up with Abby for some gal time! It was so good to just drive around and be 13 again. We tend to have the best time with the music up in the car or eating so luckily we did both. Upon arrival at Rounders I had some flash backs of eating whole pizzas with Greg, unfortunattly he only liked Cheese so I got super excited to see our Onion, Mushroom, Garlic, and Chicken pizza come out! Once I saw it I immediately started thinking about the calories, inches -/+, I felt incredibly guilty. As I've said before I feel like if I'm going to do this I'm going to share it all soooo....
Heres our pizza! That we finished. Yes g-ma that's lost of pizza, lots of gluten filled, high calorie pizza.
Our waiter was quite impressed with our grubbing skills. Abby's tiny but can pack away as much food as me. We have always loved to eat!

I had a good old fashioned slumber party with Leta last night! It was so much fun! We just talked and watched Cellular and had some freebirds.

I'm so thankful that God allowed me to have a weekend full of friends and fun! Things have been so weird lately I'm thankful for the little things lately. He showing me how easy it is to just trust in Him.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Inches lost and other ramblings

I woke up super early with every intention to start week 2 of couch to 5k, until I stood up and felt my ankle. Everyone keeps telling me to listen to my body! Well my body tells me that it needs a giant Vanilla Cream dr.pepper and a Pizza so I’ve been trying to completely ignore my body.

Instead of running I did some kind of awkward yoga on one leg, I guess I just watched the video and did the arms.

I’ve been praying a lot about my healthiness journey and what to and not to blog about. I feel like this is a roller coaster just like my life. I don’t want to be lost 6 lbs, gained 9 lbs, lost some inches, gained some inches but that’s what it is. Its going to be a roller-coaster. I’m going to cheat. In fact I had a yoo-hoo this morning. Its 99% caffeine free and I feel incredibly guilty. The other night I also had a whole chicken fried steak plus taters, corn, and an appetizer. Granted I went home and burned off enough calories to stay under my daily limit but still. I carry around too much guilt for this junk. Besides that I've eaten at home and way under my calorie count all week. My aunt and I have had a gallon of Ice cream in our freezer for a few weeks now! GO US!
I feel like if I’m going to do this I might as well share everything.(maybe one day I'll  put before and after pics) God is really showing me so much on this journey. I know some of you don’t care or are tired of hearing about it but its about all that’s going on right now. Work, Church (which I've found one I LOVE), and my quest for health.

so with that being said, last week after getting on the scale and seeing that I had gained 9 lbs I FREAKED and was so discouraged. The next day I went and got a tap measure and decided measurements were the only way to go.  So This week I dont know if I've lost or gained but....


-3 inches from my bust
-2.5 from my waist
-1 from my thigh

I didn't meausre my neck or arms... now I kinda wish I did!

In other not so exciting news, my emotions have been running in a world of their own this week. One min I'm fine and the next crying. Today I've cried over 1% caffeine intake, my ankle, not having any mail, not being able to find a strange beeping in my car, along with  other things.I think its the weather! (dark and stormy)
After writing this I feel somewhat better. I think admitting to everyone that my efforts weren't for nothing this week may have helped. I'm praying  that by helping my physical self my mental health will improve also. Im enjoying going for a walk/run/jog when I get upset or overwhelmed! which is often lately, so No, I'm not a workout beast, just an emotional one!

I guess that's all for now, they are playing a saxophone very of "easy like Sunday morning" up front and it has me completely relaxed. :)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Adventures in Walnut Creek with a dash of Aunt Cathy

Today is my Aunt Cathy's 40th birthday. When my dad reminded me the other day I was shocked that shes 40. My Aunt Cathy is my age. Shes been "my age" for as long as I could remember. When I was younger we would spend hours playing mario and driving the golf cart. I remember the first time I came with a car and how much fun we had in the real car, but nothing can beat the golf carts. I got my amazing since of direction from her, we can tell you how to get somewhere after only being there once. She will love you more than anything and has the sweetest heart! Although I'm far away I've always felt a connection with my Aunt Cathy and miss her tons!

I'm kinda tired of doing my workouts on my block... its boring and I'm starting to run into some characters so I decided I'd start trying different parks in my area. I'm having an issue with my calories, I'm either over or under, being under is great but not when you have 1000 left over at the end of the day! I wasn't hungry so I figured I'd run ( and by run I mean drive) up the road to Walnut Creek Park and walk about a mile before heading back home to my unhealthy ,yet the only thing in the cabinet, Hamburger helper - I added Broccoli that has to count for something! Anyways I get to the park and there were tons of people there so I just picked a trail and started walking. The map online didn't look that big so I figured I'd just walk until I ended up at the parking lot.  Silly ME!

It was great and beautiful at first and I was just strolling taking pictures of the wildflowers  and creek. I had to move for the occasional biker but was kinda in my own little world!  I've been using the  nike+GPS  app
and it tells me when I'm at at mile and my pace and such, so when I heard a mile I was like cool I'm almost done. About that time I see this sign

I didn't even think to turn around. Later while I was bear crawling up a creek bet the thought crossed my mind. I also didn't realize that the Arrow with blue box meant Parking not pool! I was following the arrow with the P signs for a while also . Pool or Parking  those were the choices of the night.
 After Bikers going crazy fast kept passing me I remembered a sign a read about an 11 mile bikers only thing... I then freaked out and called my mom didn't answer ( with Chris at Hospital).
I was trying to figure out who I could call to come help me out. Abby and her husband Matt are super fit and could probably get to me but if I got hurt how could they carry me out.  Daniel was closest but I couldn't call him and say hi I'm lost.Where could I make shelter, find water, and other insane things like that. Finally an overweight man on a bike passed me and said hang in there your almost done. Personally I think he was my own personal big guy angel because I was starting to have a panic attack, or heart attack, or those I'm fat and shouldn't be doing this chest pains.... These days I can't tell the difference.

I made it safely back to the parking lot and looked at my friendly GPS that said 1.95 miles. Are you kidding me that felt like 5, I was kinda ticked that it had taken me and hour and a half  do only go 2 miles :(

Some said last night "yeah girl you've gotten really intense with this exercise stuff"
I've said for years, I hate dieting because it consumes me and its all I can think about is weight....
Now I'm just trying to change my lifestyle.Doing so means re evaluating my whole life, hence the blogs and fb posts about my journeys :)

Last week I said I wouldn't get on the scale because I was scared of the number, well folks I did and it wasn't pretty. We are sticking with measurements only until I grow some thicker skin!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Chilifest, exercise update, and a drinking disclaimer!

So this weekend I went to Chilifest in Snook! It’s a big Beer, Chili and Music festival, right outside of college station. I was super excited to see Josh Abbott and Billy Currington along with some other bands. I debated for a while on weather I wanted to go or not. I knew I wasn’t going to be drinking so I wasn’t sure about going to a festival known for its drunken craziness! I actually had a really good time being the only sober one there! Because I never had to go refill I was on the front row all day! See pics below stolen from the girl I was standing with. My camera decided to die after the first set.

All is alright in the exercise world except my legs keep falling out from under me leaving me on the ground, I blogged about the first incident last week but today fell after my run and shower in my hall way… just was suddenly on the ground. I’m so sorry legs, I know you do hard work holding me up all the time but trust me this is for your own good!

I’ve been in a crabby emotional moody this week too! I don’t know why… Actually I do but im just tired of dealing with added junk at work. Today someone said I’m not answering that. Then I answered the call and gave it right back to them it was stupid. I cried again this morning because my computer was being slow and silly things. I guess its just part of being a girl.

I’ll be excited to announce what 5ks I’m actually training for in few weeks. I decided if I was going to pay to run – which is obsurd- that I would want the money to go to someone/something I care about!

Just because I don’t drink doesn’t mean I don’t want to hang out. Just because I’m choosing to make different decisions and am at a different place in my life doesn’t mean im not there for you. I’m not judging your choices to drink just like you shouldn’t judge my ability to eat a whole pan of brownies. It doesn’t mean I don’t want to go have a margarita with you and just have water. It doesn't mean I'll never had a sip again in my life... It only means I refuse to put up with the stupidity and will steal and hide your keys if I think your being stupid. Just like I expect you to take the bag of chips away from me if I’m being stupid and have eaten half the bag. I’m doing something that important to me just like y’all do things that are important to you. I feel sad that at 25 I’m making a disclaimer to my friends and family on my choices to try to be healthier. But now you have it!

Billy Currington!!!

Josh Abbot and Pat Green

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hello Pavement

I have completely failed at my blog every day for 30 days. I then felt so guilty for not blogging I didn’t want to at all. But I figured I share some adventures in Sarah Land!

I’ve been running/jogging/walking!!! Today is day 6 of getting up an hour early every morning and
exercising! This is the start of week 4 of No Sweet Tea and week 8 of no Dr. Pepper!

I’d really like to do a 5k, I’m thinking of the Run for you lives Zombie 5k in December! I know that’s a ways away but I’m gonna need some serious training!

So this morning I’m doing my thing Jamming to Mandisa’s “Good Morning” Song and was running. Full stride running not my normal half-pace jog. Full blown running when the next thing I know I’m on the ground. Right-side, face down on the ground. I guess my legs said “no more”. “You’re too fat for this” “Screw you enjoy the ground” I had sore legs all day yesterday and this morning they felt a little jellyish but I felt like I should keep going! I guess not! Helllooooo Pavement! I'm okay, Mostly super sore. Some of you may know but for those of you who don't  know "Big people fall hard"

It was the funniest thing to happen in a while! To make matters worse I realized I was near the church with surveillance cameras. I’m thinking about calling and asking if its on camera and if so can I have it.

I’m not sure how much weight I’ve lost because I’m scared to look at the scale! If I were to get on the scale and not see a good number I might be so discouraged I’d quit. So I’m going to try the no scale thing. I hate talking about weight, weight loss and health but I had to share about my falling adventures this morning!

I will leave you with some fun pictures from easter!, Yes We are holding a baby donkey!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Dream job + 5 passions

Once again I'm a total slacker and didn't blog yesterday. In my defense I was way busy mowing, vaccuming and cleaning the floors. My aunts been on vacation and I  know that if I came home to a clean house it would make me feel good so because I cant pay her a ton I try to do little things.

I woke up super early this morning and decided to go for a jog. Kinda scary because it was still dark. I'm just no too comfortable running in the dark. oh well I should get used to it because it felt good! This weekend I went to the Avenue, my second favorite plus size store, I official dropped a pants size! I was proud of my self..... My weight yoyos so bad but still I was stoked! I'm working on being a healthier sarah and seem to be on the uphill grind :)

So My hopes and Dreams blog challance

Day 7- What is your dream job and why?
Mine is being on Broadway. Has been since I learned how to walk, dance, and sing.... practally at the age of 3. Now my dream job would be being the boss. I feel like I need to be the boss in order to be happy somewhere but we'll see. who knows maybe I'll be one of those "fat actresses" on broadway. Incase you don't know a teacher once told me there was only room for so many fat actresses on broadway and those spots were filled. crushed my world- so I turned my life to ag and that year was the best poultry judger in the state. A state title was uber important back then :)

Day 8- 5 Passions

I don't know what they are... Music has always been one but the thought of having is hard for me. Is family one? I'm passionate about my family, and Christ.. duh I guess I'll be a loser and just list the first 5 things that I love the most.

1. Jesus
2. Music
3. Family
4. Food
5. Travel

In other news.....
This morning when I was running a song came in which the chorus says" the power that raised Jesus Christ from the grave is the power that lives in you".... Well at hillsong they say this alot, once a friend said the power that raised Jesus from the dead lives in you therefor you have the Power to not eat the cookie. At the time it made me so mad but this morning, as I was trying not so kill over and die while running, I got it. Sounds like dodgy doctrine but I get it now!