Sunday, March 29, 2009

worthy walking?

Ephesians 4:1 say
"As a prisoner for the Lord, then, I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received."
A few other translations have I urge you to walk in a way worthy of your calling......

What a powerful verse!!!

I sat there Pondering the question , is my walk Worthy of the calling I've received? Do i even know what my calling is?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Love Heals

So many people close to me are going through some hard stuff right now and I keep remembering a song off the end of the RENT soundtrack!! Its called Love heals. If you are a Christian then you can take it to another level with "Love" being Jesus or God... If not its still an awesome Song!
Like a breath of midnight air
Like a lighthouse, like a prayer
Like the flicker and the flare
The sky reveals

Like a walk along the shore
That you've walked a thousand times before
Like the oceans roar
Love heals

There are those who shield their hearts
Those who quit before they start
Who frozen up the part of them that feels
(Don't freeze your heart)

In the dark they've lost their sight
Like a ship without a star
In the night
But hold on tight

Love heals
(When you feel, like you can't go on)
Love heals
(Hold onto love, it'll keep you strong)
Love heals
(When you feel like, you can't go on)
Love heals
(Hold onto love and it'll bring you home)

Love heals when pain's too much to bear
When you reach out your hand
And only wind is there
When life's unfair when things like us are not to be

Love heals when you feel so small
Like a grain of sand, like nothing at all
When you look out at the sea, that's where love will be
That's where you'll find me, you'll find me

If you fear the storm ahead, as you lie awake, lie awake in bed
And there's no one, no one there to stroke your hand
And your mind, your mind reels
If your face is salty wet and you're drowning in regret, just

Don't forget, don't forget
Don't forget, don't forget
Don't forget, don't forget
Don't forget, don't forget

Love heals
(When you feel, like you can't go on)
Love heals
(Love, love is gonna carry you home)
Love heals
(When you feel like, when you feel like you can't go on)
Love heals
(Hold onto love and it will lead you home)
Love heals

Maybe you just have to hear it to get the impact!

Monday, March 23, 2009


I'm well aware that God is Great and he will never let me down... but its so cool when he pours his blessings on me!

Friendships are hard. That is all there is to it! This weekend has been full of good friends, good and old!

Things happen, people change, miscommunication happens and people just grow out of touch... sometimes the people who have held your hand threw everything can't hold your hand anymore... luckly im okay now and she who was there threw the worst time in my life is back! I've missed her so much and to see her this weekend, just helped me out so much!

God has also brought me some new friends here in this town... Its very nice to be able to go play basketball as apposed to sit at home alone. granted I've had to learn to be a night owl but I like it!

I've felt like a new person. I've been walking almost everyday, eating healthier, not laying on the couch more, I've even worn makeup and done my hair... I know you thinking wow who is this person?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Change is good...right?

I think the word Change is so confusing.... for example "wow you've changed!" "well she's changed" change change change change change change!

Everyone always uses it in a negative way. I don't think its negative...
Personally I feel that God doesn't like comfort zones. Most of the time if you are in your comfort zone you get to comfy for God..

God has been working to get me out of my comfort zone this month... I don't know when it clicked but it did. If you know me you know I don't excersize.... well I walked... and cleaned... and was active..... I'm like who is this new person?
Sun- 3 miles
Monday- 2 miles
Tues- basketball

I know there are certain people who aren't to thrilled about my new changes... but if you care about me then you will support me!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Does anybody hear her?

Have you ever been driving somewhere and heard a song that just spoke to you?
I pulled over on my way to lubbock last night, it was on top of the cap rock and cried because of this song. I Pray that I will welcome people and try to hear "her"! Its so real for lots of people and we never think about it. This is exactly how I felt when I was in Austin and part of the time when I got back. Sometimes people are so used to seeing you, they expect you to be there, but they never see/or hear what you say! Luckly for me its not like that anymore but this song just put it all in to words for me!

She is running
A hundred miles an hour in the wrong direction
She is trying
But the canyon's ever widening
In the depths of her cold heart
So she sets out on another misadventure just to find
She's another two years older
And she's three more steps behind

Does anybody hear her?
Can anybody see?
Lord does anybody even know she's going down today?
Under the shadow of our steeple
With all the lost and lonely people
Searching for the hope that's tucked away in you and me
Does anybody hear her?
Can anybody see?

She is yearning
For shelter and affection
That she never found at home
She is searching
For a hero to ride in
To ride in and save the day
And in walks her prince charming
And he knows just what to say
Momentary lapse of reason
And she gives herself away


If judgement looms under every steeple
If lofty glances from lofty people
Can't see past her scarlet letter
And we never even met her

If judgement looms under every steeple
If lofty glances from lofty people
Can't see past her scarlet letter
And we never even met her

He is running a hundred miles an hour in the wrong direction

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The sleep walking Dog and Dodge Ball playing Sarah

I've been having these weird dreams that a friend is throwing pool balls at me and its like a game of Dodgeball. I wake up and I'm tired and don't feel rested because I'm busy all night in my sleep! The other night they showed this video and I have a feeling this is how I am!!!

Hope you enjoy the laugh!

Jesus and Sirus!

if you know me you might know that I listen to Sirus The message in the mornings and that God somehow places the songs I need to hear!

i heard one of my favorite songs thats about God holding on to me and its asking God to take my hand and lead me... Then next song came on and it said something like Don't fight the hand that is trying to hold you! ( I wish I could find the exact lyrics)
Do you ever do that? Ask God for something and then fight it? I do and once again God used Sirus to help me realize it lol!

Not much has happened this week...
Monday- I went to Abilene, saw molly and a movie, picked up brandon, drove home in a thunderstorm!
Tues- work.... Takhamasak, which was once again great minus the electrical shock, and I'm getting better at the game "dork"
wed- work... cooked dinner with savy, watched skye eat, went to the bowling alley, watched them bowl, then got to see devin!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lovesong for No One...........yet..........

I realized the other day that I was surrounded by couples... I was making the joke that I like to eat out with coupes so I can have one whole side of the booth to my self! I grew up with all single people...... everyone I knew was single.... Now God is showing me the Couple side of life......I know God will send me the right person someday but it doesn't mean I don't get lonely! I'm just having a blah day and I heard this Beautiful Song............. I was fixing my hair and heard the words and the next thing I know I'm sitting in my bathroom floor with tears because of the beauty I had just heard. It wasn't even "poor me I'm alone" tears it was a "Wow God your that Amazing" tears

It’s always been a mystery to me
How two hearts can come together
And love can last forever
But now that I have found you, I believe
That a miracle has come
When God sends the perfect one
Now gone are all my questions about why
And I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life

Chorus: I wonder what God was thinking
When He created you
I wonder if He knew everything I would need
Because He made all my dreams come true
When God made you
He must have been thinking about me

I promise that wherever you may go
Wherever life may lead you
With all my heart I’ll be there too
From this moment on I want you to know
I’ll let nothing come between us
And I will love the ones you love

Bridge: He made the sun He made the moon
To harmonize in perfect tune
One Can’t move without the other
They just have to be together
And that is why I know it’s true
You’re for me and I’m for you
‘Cause my world just Can’t be right
Without you in my life

P.S I think God speaks to me via Sirius Radio more often than I imagine.....

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Molly's Bonazi Party

I must say that I'm a huge kid at heart!

Last night I went to Abilene to Celebrate Molly's birthday ( yay 23) We went to a Japanese steak house, the one where they cook right there with you! It was cold so we enjoyed the heat! Next to our table was a table with a few kids prolly under 7 and I think I made more ohhh wow woah Noises than the kids. Other people were entertained but I was like WOAH THATS AWESOME!
I then countunied to eat... alot... and then some more... It was wonderful!!!! we then went to Chilies for Desert in which there I ate more. I love Birthday Partys :) I just felt like such a kid last night, it was great!!!

Overall Molly's birfday was great!