Sunday, March 1, 2009

Molly's Bonazi Party

I must say that I'm a huge kid at heart!

Last night I went to Abilene to Celebrate Molly's birthday ( yay 23) We went to a Japanese steak house, the one where they cook right there with you! It was cold so we enjoyed the heat! Next to our table was a table with a few kids prolly under 7 and I think I made more ohhh wow woah Noises than the kids. Other people were entertained but I was like WOAH THATS AWESOME!
I then countunied to eat... alot... and then some more... It was wonderful!!!! we then went to Chilies for Desert in which there I ate more. I love Birthday Partys :) I just felt like such a kid last night, it was great!!!

Overall Molly's birfday was great!

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