Saturday, August 29, 2009

Getting lost in a book!

so call me a nerd but sometimes I just like to et lost in a book. Curl up on the couch and read. I feel like the characters and I know how they are feeling and what they are going through. Maybe its because my mom was a librarian I just enjoy reading! Call me belle, a nerd geek, whatever you want! so I've been reading some Christian Romance novels lately and usually they are just feel good books. So the latest one I read was about this girl who didn't think she was good enough and a guy who didn't think he ws good enough... yada yada yada

then I read this

"so where does God come into play in this business? it seems to me He took a woman drawing water and gave her to Issac. He took the mother of our Savior and placed her safely in the arms of a lowly carpenter. Seems to me your limiting God on what he might have for you."

Woah I never looked at it that way before. I sat there defending Joesph he wasn't JUST a lowly Carpenter... but thats how other people saw him. it made me think of people saying oh shes just a teacher or hes just a rancher... GOD knows what he's doing. I love that I'm reminded of that in simple little ways like from a book I got from the half price bin at mardel because I'm cheap......

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Changing Spiritual Gifts?

So I took a spiritual gift test in high school, The results
Mercy and Music..

It was brought up today and I got distracted at my desk and decided to do one. I was curious to see if they had changed. I'm also pretty sure its the same book I used oh so long ago.

boy was I surprised. They changed! Maybe not changed but more developed and shifted.

so once second in line is now first
Music- The gift of music is the unique capacity to use the vehicle of music to share one's relationship with God and to lead others to worship God. Essentially it is the ability to communicate God's love through music.

Next up and making its first appearance
Exhortation- the ability to bring out the best in others by means of encouraging, challenging, comforting, and guiding. Essentially it is the gift of counseling others to become all that God wants them to be.

also in close behind those are
Leadership and Mercy

Funny how things change as you grow up and find out who you are in Christ!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Jumble of thoughts

My mind is full of thoughts today.. so im just going to blog about them and see if my head clears


I need to learn to play the Guitar....... and write music. Being around people who just pick up guitars and bust out songs makes my brain go. man why can't I learn to do that.
While im on the subject of music. I for some reason have been reserved about it lately... maybe the feeling of inadequacy? I don't know but I want it to go away

things at work are changing and different but Im happy and I know that God has placed me there for a reason!

I would really like some new shoes. if you know me its a shocker that I think I need to invest in some cute heals to go with my dressier clothes. which makes me think... I need dressier clothes

I miss these girls (+ devin)
I don't like being a grown up sometimes. Maybe its not the being a grown up, its not having a heart like a child and being oblivious to the heartbreak in life.

so I'm sitting here and my pandora is going... pandora is my friend... I even think God speaks to me through Pandora sometimes... what I need to hear the moment I'm down, just comes on and i feel better! YAY
Pandora just played a wonderful song!

If you took time out of your day to read this im sorry! Just my way of clearing my head!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Not me Monday/ I love sundays.

Yesterday was great! I love Sundays. I was sorta afraid I would want to come to church since I spend every day here but despite a horrible fever and sore throat sat night I bounced out of bed ready as ever. Granted I felt horrible but I was excited!
It's been my dream since I was younger to sing on praise team. I get to now:) not me.....Its hard for me to figure the harmonies so wuickly but I'm learning slowly! I love my sunday school class. They just make me laugh and smile and remember why I make some choices I do. They are such caring people and someone I fit in with all the married older folks. It shouldn't matter about fitting in at church, but I've learned that there is still a problem with acceptance somewhere where it should be key!

Lots of things are changing! Bunches of people moving. Its going to be weird, You get used to seeing people almost everyday and then by the end of the month most of them will be gone! God has brought these people into my life and I'm extremly sad to see them go :( Oh well Abilene is that far away I guess.

Have you ever met someone and felt like you have known them your whole life? This happend to me recently... more to come on that later!