Sunday, July 25, 2010

Everyone is sick!

This weekend has been great but we are all passing around this Cold! I pray for the kids who have their auditions tomorrow ( Jess, Jared, Charlie?, Josie) I guess mine just held off until after! Its just a head cold or Wog! ( I learned that from my Australian Slang dictionary)

Prayers for heath would be great! Not just me, everyone! Health and Finances!

My body is still adjusting which I know will take some time! Yall know when I get sick I want my mommy! so I skyped her this afternoon which helped a ton! I also cried when I saw savahna on skype today too... ahhh emotions. I've been doing really well though as far as emotions go! Much better than I thought. Maybe its because I have great friends. I haven't Quite gotten close enough to anyone to be like, I'm homesick, or I need a hug, but I'm getting there!

Last night I went to church alone and ended up totally blessed and sitting with one of the Pastors Wife with a Wonderful message that sounded like it was tailor made for me. It was about God taking you into the unknown and how its really the known to God so don't stress about it! DING DING DING!
This mornings service was wonderful! I enjoy it so much! I miss my pew and praise team a bit but I'm slowly developing a family here! I signed up for a connect group so that will be fun when I get plugged into one!

God blows my mind and expectations daily! I know I haven't written a deep blog yet but there is soooooooooooooooooooooooo much going on in my head I don't know how to get it out! I tried a bit of songwriting with some peeps the other night and it was great fun! God is really showing me not to put limitations on myself! Most of you know my weakness is my self confidence and daily he shows me that I should be confident in HIM! He has me here for a reason! I don't know what it is yet besides learn but thats okay! A few people have their vision and plan from God for their lives and thats wonderful! Though for me I don't know!

Job- I need a job! so does everyone else I know! Gods teaching us all some Faith in that area I think! He will Provide means for all of us, though it will most likely different for each one!

Migraine- I got slammed with one tonight about 2 songs into the service. Poor Jess and Liz I practically ran out of the service, but it was the WORST pain i've felt in awhile Ive been extremely conscious with my migraine triggers and such so thats good!! I think my body is just saying take a break NOW. I haven't been feeling 100% well since I got here really but have just been pushing through! now with a Cold and school starting maybe I just need to stay in bed tomorrow! I did most of the day today though. Pray that this is the Last one for a good long while!

Now I'm off to the warmth of my bed! Good night/ Good morning!

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