Thursday, June 18, 2009

Running from God and Ninivah

Do you ever run away from God?
I do..

We started talking about jonah two weeks ago in church and to be honest I was not thrilled... I just knew God got mad and the whale ate him! Half way the sermon I got cocky and was like "what an idoit" Why would you blatenly disobey God? Then I felt God laughing at me. I don't know your oponion of God but my God laughs and jokes with me, he's funny! He was there whispering in a mocking tone in my ear "yeah Sarah who would not listen to me they have got to be crazy" "he said Just listen to the sermon Sarah
I did
Russell ask the Question
(God told jonah to go and he said no and went the complete oppisite direction)

What does God tell you to do that you say........
its to hard
I'm scared
You really think I should be there God
Its newIts out of my comfort zone
You get the point

This really hit home for me.. I had a few ninivahs but my main one was music. God has been saying sing for years not and I just don't listen.. I dont think that I'm good enough and lately when I do sing it helps to have jordan with me but God has said Sarah you gotta sing without him and I usually say no...
By the end of the sermon last sunday I was in total AWE of GOD he had taught me so much in that hour... then he put me to the test. Jim came and ask me to be on Praise Team for the next week.... I almost said no, satan was right there whispering your not good enough.. but with a push from my good pal Sam I went for it and I'm so glad I did!God taught me that
I realized that I don't have to have Jordan with me, its nice to sing with him but I'll be okay without, That just because my church is used to great music doesn't mean they are Numb, and that sometimes God uses people to touch lives without you having a clue!

so what is your Ninivah?

What is God telling you to do that you are scared of?

Go listen to the sermon I'm talking about here!

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