Sunday, December 19, 2010

Stand up? Sit Down?

Hillsong. Holy spirit. God. Home. Passion i don't know what it is but it ruined me :D

How can we sit with our arms folded while we sing about the Birth of our Lord. Trust me I didn't want to stand up. Uhhhhhh I didn't want to  have  the whole congregation looking at my big rear end but I couldnt sit another second! I laughed at myself during joy to the world, why I was bouncing and moving. Silly me didn't care.
I worship how I worship....

I thought of my mom this morning. She used to get super excited during Christmas songs and patriotic music and I would be like "mom stop moving", or "do you not know your the only one clapping?" or "why are you crying it's just a song." Thanks mom for being embarrassing yet planting the seeds of worship in me, no matter how much I wanted you to stop!

I realize I make my FBC congregation to sound like fuddy duddy. They really aren't!!!!  I think out pews are too comfortable because I know the Holy Spirit runs through this place.  I love these people and am in no way saying the way each person chooses to Worship is right or wrong. I'm just saying that for me personally today I couldn't sit still. Next week I may not stand at all.

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