Monday, February 23, 2009

Honk and Wave!

Have you been driving down the road and you see someone you know riding their bike, or running, or pushing their kids in a stroller?
I did this week. ALOT
I realized yesterday in Sunday School that I had honked and waved at the majority of my sunday school class! I though that it was funny and a tad be creepy of my self and then I realized that maybe God allowed me to cross path with them. Maybe I should have stopped and prayed for them or maybe they were praying for me, Maybe everyone just needed a friendly face. I've always been a crazy honk and wavier! I wave at everyone!
NOW I think I'll honk wave and then Pray!


  1. You know she know you were with her in your heart.

  2. Hmmm looks like I posted the wrong comment on the wrong entry

  3. Do you remember when you were little and we would pass a wreck. I always told you we needed to take a moment to pray for those in the wreck and their families? You've always had a heart for prayer.