Sunday, April 26, 2009

When do you feel close to God?

Have you ever felt God put his arm around you, or be so close you know he's right there?

Duke Underwood is speaking at a revival at First United Methodist this week and he told a story about knowing that God was right there with him. It made me remember the recent occasions that God has made himself know personally to me.

Once was this Sunday, I was singing in church and terrified and I felt God put his hand on my shoulder and it felt like he whispered " its just you and me Sarah, think about what you are singing and know that you can hide in me" I completely let go and sang.
Next was on tuesday and Casey, Jordan, and I were practicing for TAKHAMASAK and once again I felt the whisper and then had saying once again. Its just you and me and them Sarah, I gave yall this gift so use it........

this is a new thing for me... feeling God so close. I know that people have experiences like this often but not me... I'm not complaining I really enjoy them but wow, i think its because we are reading a book about knowing the character of God and its helping me to be more aware!

When do you feel closest to God?

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  1. This past Tuesday at Takhamasak was a time when I felt close to God. Being able to lead worship and being able to sing to God right there. Being able to sing and have harmony and lifting our voices to God.
    If we allow God to get close to us and we get close to Him, He will rock our world! As we all know!