Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Flight #1 Abilene- DFW 9:30

I've never really been scared to fly before. Even now with all the high risk security posters and warnings everywhere. I know that our country and airports are trying the best they can to keep us safe in the air and so there is no reason to be an annoying panic y person. the lady sitting next to me is terrified and looking over her shoulder and looking people up and down. I was questioning my bobbi pins in my carry on thinking that they wouldn't let me so i ask the check in lady she joked with me and said that I didn't seem like the type to stab someone in the eye! I laughed and she said i should be good to go.

The only thing that aggrivates me so far on the trip is that the lady before me in security line got chose to be randomly searched, she was late for her flight that was calling final boarding and had a 3 year old with her. I calmly talked to the little girl and told her mom I would watch her while they did the search!

My reading material for this flight is " Gifted to Lead - the art of leading as a Woman in the Church" I felt like I should read it. I'm going to try not to question God or any hunches or anything on this trip. I'm trying to have a completely obeidant heart and mind to what God has for me this trip.

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