Sunday, January 3, 2010

Gods kinda funny like that!

I love hillsong. Anyone who knows me should know that.

I'm standing in the line for Tomlin, Reman, and Houston Worship+Justice Work shop. lucky for me I'm 3rd in line due to me being alone and having the ability to Hulk out and eat fast.. anywho

This tall Australian man came up and started talking to us in line. He ask what I did and where I'm from and junk like that then he ask us what are dreams were. I said to lead worship someday. he asked if I did it any and I said yes my buddy jordan and a friend of ours does at church and I'm on praise team but nothing huge..... he listened to the other guys then told me sometimes it takes a while for things to "click" and that I should follow my dreams and God would allow me to lead if it was his will. Then he had to go. so back to boring standing in the line.... I was so oooooo excited to listen to Joel and chris speak. I was texting jordan rubbing it in haha

Finally we rush in and I chose a side seat so I can stretch out and not have jerks elbowing me in the back... 30 mins of anticipation pass and then they walk out...

I almost started crying. The tall austrailian man was JOEL HOUSTON of HILLSONG
I then realized that God used the situation in line. I never would have spoken to the man if I had known who he is.

This morning we talked about some self confidence things in community group and I know that God is working on me in that department!

This conference isn't about the worhsip leaders names or the speakers. Its about Jesus.
I should be this excited to walk in to my work and church everyday because I get to meet Jesus.
they are just people doing Gods will.

beth moore gave a whole sermon on the word "equipping" more on that later...

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