Saturday, November 20, 2010

Self image

I had to sit through a lecture from a friend- a skinny one btw -about weight loss for guys. 

Hello im not loosing weight for a man. 
Been there done that and bought that t shirt.

10th grade,2 weeks of Adkins torture  (no carb no cokes)  and I finally got mr perfect to ask me out:) it was prolly my Charm Or that i was a BEAST at poultry judging that made me so intriguing! Not my awesome body - 20 lbs and new pair of jeans that made him take the bait!
anyways 45 mins later we broke up at the football game and I had a hot dog, doritos, and a vanilla cream dr pepper waiting to console me ( I broke up with him though) I think I tried it once in college at SFA. ohh maybe if i was smaller hed like me.... 
Sadly I'm a grouch when I dont eat and ended up not even liking the dude.

Anyways point being I'm not 16, or some naive girl right out of hs longing for someone to love me.

It says in the bible that we are to treat our bodys a temples! If that's the case my temple is a giant greasy-cheesy dr pepper tower lol
I feel as though God has said here is a jump start to a healthier you  now keep going.

Did you know someone ask me if the surgery I had was gastric bypass? My answer was hunny I'd be a heck of a lot smaller if that was the case. 

So I've thought and prayed about it to make sure there wernt some " oh if I was skinny I'd meet my husband" crap going on in my head. 

Top 10 reasons I'm loosing weight!

1. I'm a broke college kid and everything is more expensive in oz

2. I'm surrounded by non Americans who don't live off grease like i used to.

3. Vegetarian things are yummy

4. We walk alot and I don't like being the girl huffing and puffing

5. I'm using the "funny fat girl" thing as an excuse to not fulfill the purpose and plans God has for me.

6. I Want to have babies one day

7.  Life without fast food, Mexican food, and cheddar cheese is  one of great sadness but less poundage ;)

8. There aren't clothes that fit in this country :)

9. I have more energy

10. Jesus told me to:)

The pressure to be what the world perceives as beautiful will always be a struggle for me, most likely the rest of the world struggles with it to. I'm not saying I don't have body/self confidence issues, I guess I'm airing out that stuff an trying to become a more Godly woman with the way I view myself!


  1. Sarah, There are times when I wish that I had put more emphasis on a better body image when you were growing up. But it is so hard to teach "God made you to be how he wants you." and talk about "looking good" at the same time. I chose the first one. I am so proud of you and who you are. God does love us how we are, but our bodies are a temple and there are times when an unhealthy body is a stumbling block to the message God is trying to speak through us. I am going to follow your lead and try to make mine a better indication of who is inside my hear.

  2. I think it is crazy that you post this and the last couple of Sundays in mass I have simply prayed for encouragement for a healthier me: Spiritually, Mentally, and Physically. I've said it alot, but I really cannot wait for you to be here and talk about all of the things you have learned. Maybe we will just have salads at Olive Garden....Maybe. :)