Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Colour Conference / Sisterhood

Colour 2011 begins this Thursday from Hillsong Church on Vimeo.

Those of you that know me know that I am NOT a Girly girl. All year I've heard people talk about how Colour/ sisterhood is going to change my life... I just didn't get it. Quite frankly I've had a crappy attitude to this whole womens movement thing since I got here. well I've been praying for about a month now that God would soften my heart and really make it clear to me my part in all this womanly junk. Colour starts tomorrow and I will be serving on the Pastor Care Team and also the medical team ( personally I think im in medical so that i will already be in the room if something happens for my failing body lol ) anyways......

Today in chapel I had what I guess we can call a "revelation" so see if you can follow where I'm going here :)

I was so excited to go to passion 2010... Expectant didn't even cover it... something was to be said for worshiping with so many people my age ect.... well today I was really struggling with why arn't I excited about Colour? Is it because I don't know anyone?, No because I've read 2 books by 2 of the guest speakers, was it because Im lazy and dont want to serve?- No because I get more out of serving others most of the time anyways.. I couldn't put my finger on it! Some where in the midst of all the beautiful worship I heard God say something like

Sarah I put the dreams of a wife and mother in your heart, so why aren't you excited to be in a room full of thousands of them worshiping me.  This is no different from Passion.

Bam!!! I'm hooked!!! I'm on the Colour train! Joined the Sisterhood movement!
I even decided I'd spell it WRONG the way the Aussies do.
I firmly believe that God will change so many womens lives, from all over the world, this weekend at Colour!
I believe that God will speak to me specifically about my future as a daughter in Christ!
I believe that marraiges will be restored!
I believe that sickness will be healed!
I believe that people will find breakthrough in whatever area they need it in!
I believe that our men will get something out of serving thousands of us this weekend too!

So If you want join me in prayer for our Colour Conference and Google it :)

#PDL day 2- I was no accident!!!

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