Monday, March 21, 2011

sook sook soooooky sarah

I'm going to sook for a moment.Sook is Aussie for pout.

I miss my friends from home.
Somehow I feel them all slowly slipping away.  not by anyones fault but just because life happens and God has different plans for all of us. My plan involves living in a beautiful country with crappy internet, and a 16 hour time difference. Most of them are planning a wedding or having baby's and I totally get that is where God has them at this moment. Sometimes I think im jealous but its more of a sad i dont get to be a major part of the most exciting times of their young life.  I mean I'm in Australia and I can't always be on the computer or near skype, so how can I expect them to be. They have jobs and school and lives of their own.

I know that I have wonderful friends and practically family here.

One thing I did learn at colour is to live for right now. Live in the present.
Someone or something in your life right now could be a vital key to your future! I really really loved this quote. A whole sermon was centered around this and it just blew my mind.. . . . . . . ........... . colour in general blew my mind.

I'm still at the God has done so much in my heart that my mind doesn't understand yet stage....

Maybe its just because I'm exhausted and worn out completely both psychically and mentally from colour.

Proverbs 17:17 :)

anyhooo who wants to see pictures from colour?
The Beautiful Kourtney, Josee and I

I was saving Jared life... see that medical vest I wore all week!

its silly but I still want to be up there one day

Ms Alexis pulled a muscle in her back. The selfish first aid girl was eating an apple while giving care!


  1. Honey, I'm a lot older than you and still miss my friends. In fact it kills me that Alexander is growing up without me. But... as you said ..... God has you where he wants you - just as he has me. Living in the moment is what is best - I need to do more of that myself.

  2. excuse me ma'am..... i am still your friend and you aren't losing me! I'm pretty sure we talk every week at least once if not multiple times! :)