Monday, March 22, 2010

To the Ends of the Earth... again....literally

Last may I said on my blog the lyrics to this song were powerful. I guess I had forgotten until last night.

We had our first band practice for out One Way/ D-now thing this weekend. We got to this song and I was like eh I don't want to do it, its too high.... blah blah blah. Then everyone else got there and Jordan was like come on sarah just do it.
Well while I was singing last night I remembered how much JOY I felt the first time we sang this song. This was the first song I sang in church..... During that time last year this song meant so much to me,  these lyrics were my prayer.
  So then I realized somethings and  I started crying... me cry? never I tried to laugh it off and cough so no one could tell, I didn't want to embarass myself ................anyhoo.......................

Here is what when down in my head as I was singing...

"Jesus I believe in you and I would to to the Ends of the Earth..."
Uhh God. I didn't realize you were listening last year. Ends of the earth... yeah I'm pretty sure Australia is way far out there! I'm not complaining... crap can they tell im totally not singing .. really dude you sure I need to go.....

"For you alone are the Son of God and all the world will see you are God..."
I know your the Son of God... yeah I know Australia is your will.... Ironic that this is a hillsong song..... I didn't know you'd take me seriously when I prayed that last year... once again I'm not complaing but ...oops totally messed up.... ok God I've got to sing now... I'm worshiping you and your distracting me.... right prolly not the right attitude to have.. yes sir......

"Jesus I believe in you and I would to to the Ends of the Earth..."
Wow I'm really moving to Australia. God you are so cool! I love you ...... Thank you so much for sending me to the Ends of the Earth to make you known.... woah fun drums, okay yeah I've got to tell Jordan this coincidence

 I know that you may not understand this post.... and you don't have to! I just needed to share how cool my God is. Last may singing that with Jordan at FUMC Hillsong College was just a silly dream in the back of my head... and now I'm headed there.

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