Thursday, September 30, 2010

All clear, homesickness and weddings:)

All clear no atypical or malignant cells up in me :D God is good!

Today people kept asking me if I had lost weight. I just laughed and said yeah a metaphorical 20000 lb weight lifted off my shoulders. ( though I am down quite alot) Don't get me wrong I knew I would be okay but untill I had the results i couldn't fully relax and breath. God has taught me that he is Faithful in every season! As the desert song says" all of my life in every season you are still God  I have a reason to sing" I would have had a reason to sing and worship had the results been different! Because God is good and Sovereign always! 

I've learned so many powerful lessons since being here its hard to out into words!

In other news

Everyone is sick :( it's no fun! But on the other hand I'm using this as an opportunity to serve and grow and learn how to be selfless. As in I cleaned the boys kitchen just because and would have cleaned the bathroom if I had a hazmat suit! Worship and service go hand in hand. 
It gives me great joy to help others especially in the kitchen! To watch someone take a bite and smile just makes me happy :)

I've been incredibly homesick this week! Then i was thinking how much I'm going to miss this place! Jess and Jared especially , everyone else and I will most likely be in the same country but not them. Anywho I'm adjusting to the food homesickness, mostly because I'm learning how to find the Aussie equivalent! I'm also learning how dumb I sound by whining about certain foods like orange  cheddar cheese and Mexican! 

Everyone in my life is getting engaged or married or met someone special, or new! It's all very exciting! Big shout out to the newly engaged ABBY AND LISA!!! God has blessed me with amazing women a friends and it's such a blessing to watch them find the man God has for them! I know your expecting me to complain and whine about it but God is preparing me in his own time and own way for my prince charming! I'm still holding out for my Cowboy with an Australian accent who can sing though:) just sayin.......

Miss and love to y'all!

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