Thursday, January 29, 2009


When I'm having a blah day... like today.... I think about some days that have been worse... hince the picture... a turkey attacked my car, need I say more? ( if you look closely at my passenger window you can see plastic.... my car got broken into the day before)

my pastor had something on his blog about singing old hymns that I wanted to share
"Some people say we should sing the hymns the way they were written. I disagree. Our students worshiped and praised the God that hymn was written for. Funny, when we sing hymns the old way, none of the younger generation seems to be moved. If we keep the biblically sound words, does it really matter how we sing it. I hope not, but I fear we are more concerned about style than relevance and worship."

I personally like the old hymns and the mix of the new stuff. I like to hear the harp and organ and A'Capella chorus......... but....... I also love the base, loud drums and electric guitar.

Whats your opinion? do you think that its about the words or music or both when it comes to worship?

Just something to think about!

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