Friday, May 4, 2012

That was close!

Today is going to be close. Its okay if you gain. You know you didn't work as hard this week. I told my self these things all the way to work this morning!

It was a hard thing typing all my numbers in my spreadsheet this morning. I was just begging I didn't gain!
YAY for inches lost!
 Next week I wont slack as much because this ashamed feeling is not fun!


Waist 1.5
5 inches lost!

Super stoked about the neck loss... yall know how much I loath my chins.
Is it bad I'm craving a Mcdonalds breakfast or a buritto? I realize rewarding myself with food like a dog partly got me here in the first place... oh well. I spy a fruit bar :)

I'm ready to tackle today with a new attitude!


  1. aww hope you achieve your target!!
    best wishes! :)

  2. Just came across your blog whilst bloghopping. That's great you lost weight! My sister is also trying to lose weight as well. will direct her to your blog :)

    Sita xx